Often Experiencing Leg Cramps

Cramps in the legs can occur for several reasons, including:

Impaired blood flow or nonappearance of serene flow of blood that can be caused by many things, including the sleeping point that suppress blood vessels in the legs are too long (bent leg incline even though sleeping or sitting fuming-legged viewpoint)

Lack of calcium and potassium. Calcium contributes to muscle contraction while potassium or potassium plays a role in muscle relaxation. If the two types of electrolyte lack is the process of muscle contraction-relaxation will not control nimbly.

Fatigue and dehydration (nonappearance of vague)

In patients bearing in mind than chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus

To avoid cramps in the legs, you can attempt to exercise regularly for blood flow in the legs, stretch the muscles past exercise, not too long standing or plan to always get bond of the energy (walking or moving your feet) after standing or sitting for a long period, and the consumption of food contains calcium and potassium (milk and bananas). If by means of the cramps persist, later consult a doctor immediately and if necessary, probe of a blood laboratory.

It is hence conveyed. May be useful.


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